DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer Review

DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike Trailer

  • Easily folds down with the release of one pin. Max size dog 15″ (shoulder height)
  • Includes interior leash and leash hooks to keep riders safe
  • Front panel includes a protective rain screen
  • Includes wheel holder for stroller wheel
  • Easy access rear entry door includes a pouch and water bottle pocket
  • Interior cabin dimensions are 23-Inch L x 15-Inch W x 22-Inch H

Color:Spring Green/Grey

Product Description

DoggyRide’s Mini bike trailer is a spunky little thing, perfect for hitting those biking trails or just a loop around the neighborhood, with your small, sprightly dog. This durable bike trailer has a powdered steel frame, is made of resilient 600 denier nylon with sturdy UV resistant mesh front and side panels. This trailer also comes with a front rain screen to help protect your precious pooch from the elements. To make for a complete and safe biking experience, the Mini bike trailer includes a towbar arm, bicycle hitch, pouch on rear entry door, safety flag and interior leash set. The versatile uses of this trailer include opening and rolling up the front screen to give your dog the ultimate view of the open road, or unzipping the sunroof so that your dog can pop its head out the top to enjoy the views. This trailer is recommended for dogs weighing up to 55-Pound and up to 15-Inch shoulder height. Interior cabin dimensions are 23-Inch L x 15-Inch W x 22-Inch H. Easily folds away with release of one pin. Wheels are quick release wheels for quick and easy assembly and disassembly. Shown in Spring Green/Grey. Also available in Rebel Red/Black. This product meets or exceeds ASTM standards.

Spunky Little Trailer For Your Biking Adventures

Ride in Style
Mini bike trailer in red

Ride in style
Mini bike trailer in green

Ride in style

Now with the DoggyRide Mini bike trailer, your dog can join you on all of your fun biking adventures – to the park, to the market, in a charity bike ride, or wherever your adventurous spirit leads you.

Explore the outdoors with a Mini trailer

Enjoy exploring nature, together

Small, sporty, versatile and functional all describe this durable dog bike trailer. The Mini’s cool design and has sturdy UV resistant mesh front and side panels and comes with a front rain and wind screen to help protect your pooch from the elements and unwelcomed bugs.

For further riding enjoyment, the front panel can be zipped open and your dog have have a view of the open road, or just pop its head out the top sunroof, or the panel can be left closed.To make for an easy, breezy, complete and safe biking experience, the Mini bike trailer includes a towbar arm, bicycle hitch, pouch on rear entry door, safety flag and interior leash set.

The design allows for the trailer to easily track behind your bike and give your pooch a premium view; all while helping to get you one ride closer to being the next DoggyRider to log 10,000 miles or more. This trailer is best suited for dogs weighing 55 lbs or less and with a shoulder height of 15 in. or less.

For further versatility, this trailer can convert to a stroller with optional stroller kit, or a crate upon removing the wheels. Amp up the comfort for your pooch during the ride by adding a multi-purpose cushioned, 1.5″ thick pet mat. This mat can be used folded, inside the cabin, or unfolded outside of the cabin as a travel pet mat at home, at the park, or out on vacation. This product meets or exceeds ASTM standards.

Use the Mini as a crate in the car

Remove the wheels and you’ve got a crate for the car

Many people say, “My dog needs exercise, why should I buy him a bike trailer to sit in?”

Our answer to this is that yes, dogs certainly do need to get proper, regular exercise, just like their human caretakers. One safe way for a dog to be able to run alongside its bicycling owner is via the use of the Buddy hands free dog leash connector, which is a safe and simple way to connect one’s dog to a bike. But, at the point when you still want to continue your bike ride, but your dog is ready for a rest, your dog can hop into its DoggyRide dog bike trailer and continue to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful views and adventure while relaxing in comfort and style while you continue your own outdoor adventures.

Having a bike trailer available for your dog expands the horizons of opportunity for both of you, to be able to go out on longer and more interesting bike rides.

Additionally, as your dogs ages into its senior years, this trailer can easily convert to a dog stroller (with optional kit) so that no matter the age or physical condition of your dog, you will still be able to enjoy the outdoors, together.

Why DoggyRide?

DoggyRide bike trailers are designed with the comfort and satisfaction of the dog and owner in mind. DoggyRide is a company that is proud of the fact that it listens to its consumers and continues to innovate, be inspired and improve its products. The products are made of high-quality materials and components, to keep your dog safe and healthy. These bike trailers are meticulously engineered in a manner that will best serve user needs. These concepts include having a lightweight frame for easier towing, centrally placed towbar for improved balance and stability, multi-functional window screens, convertibility, attention-grabbing design, and more.


This bike trailer will arrive to you mostly pre-assembled. Upon receiving it, simply remove it from the box, fold up both side walls, move the interior cross bar arm which is located along the roof, into place and lock the crossbar with the included silver detent pin.

Now all that is left is attaching the wheels. The side wheels are pull release wheels which will attach by inserting the wheel into the axle receptacle on the side of the cabin and securing the wheel with the included safety pin. Finally, the the tow bar arm is attached at the front by first removing the front locking pin, inserting the towbar into the front reception tube, then passing the locking screw through the bottom set of holes, repositioning the nut on the opposite side, then finally flipping the silver lever back to secure the locking pin into place.

The small black bike hitch at the opposite end of the towbar should be removed in order to be installed on the bike axle (or hitch adapter, if using the trailer with special bikes such as those with breezer dropout, internal hub gear, recumbent bikes, or others). Then the tow bar arm can be reconnected to the bike hitch.

  • Interior cabin dimensions: 23 L x 15 W x 22 H in./56 L x 38 W x 50 H cm.
  • Folded dimensions: 23 L x 15 W x 8 H in./ 56 L x 20 W x 50 H cm
  • Colors: Spring Green/Grey, Rebel Red/Black
  • Product weight: 21 lbs/9.5 kgs
  • Maximum loading capacity: 55 lbs/25 kgs
  • Maximum dog size (shoulder height): 15 in./38 cm.
  • Wheel size: 12.5 in./31.75 cm. (pull release)
  • This product meets or exceeds ASTM standards
  • Includes rear reflectors for added visibility

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